Sentence Examples

  • Corps about Gilgenberg had received the most poverty-stricken district in the whole region, and to secure some alleviation for the sufferings of his men he incautiously extended his cantonments till they came in contact with the Russian outposts.
  • By November 1812, Hill having joined him at Salamanca, Wellington once more had gone into cantonments near Ciudad Rodrigo, and the French armies had again scattered for convenience of supply.
  • There are flour-mills at Malegaon, railway workshops at Igatpuri, and cantonments at Deolali and Malegaon.
  • Across Belgium, and the mean depth of their cantonments was 30 m.
  • The allies were still resting in fancied security, dispersed throughout widely distant cantonments; for nothing but vague rumours had reached them, and they had not moved a man to meet the enemy.

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