Sentence Examples

  • In Semitic times Urra was pronounced Uri and confounded with uru, " ciiy "; as a geographical term, however, it was replaced by Akkadu (Akkad), the Semitic form of Agadewritten Akkattim in the Elamite inscriptions - the name of the elder Sargon's capital, which must have stood close to Sippara, if indeed it was not a quarter of Sippara itself.
  • The progress of the Reformation attracted the attention of all Switzerland, but there was a strong opposition to it, especially in the five Forest Cantons: Lucerne, Zug, Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden; and the Zurichers felt it necessary to form a league in its defence.
  • 3), dating from the Persian period; it records a dedication made by Yehaw-milk, king of Gebal, and mentions the name of the king's grandfather, Uri-milk, but the exact dates of their reign are not given.
  • His " philosophy " is usually summed up in the dogma " water is the principle, or the element, of things "; but, as the technical terms " principle " (apVrl) and " element " (o-TotXe70v) had not yet come into use, it may be conjectured that the phrase " all things are water" (7ravTa ubwp .uri) more exactly represents his teaching.
  • Vaud, Fribourg, the Valais, Lucerne, Uri and Unterwalden.