Sentence Examples

  • Two British plants may be added which both reach North Africa: Sanicule eurojbaea extends from Abyssinia to the Cameroons and southwards to Cape Colony and Madagascar; Sambucus Ebulus reaches Uganda.
  • The English usage until nearly the end of the 19th century was to confine the term "the Cameroons" to the mountain range, and to speak of the estuary as the Cameroons river.
  • Burton, Abeokuta and the Cameroons Mountains (2 vols., London, 1863); E.
  • Coast of Africa, takes its name from a mane of longish hair on the throat and neck; the hair on the body being also longer than in the ordinary long-legged sheep. This breed is frequently black or brown and white; but in a small sub-breed from the Cameroons the general colour is chestnut or foxy red, with the face, ears, buttocks, lower surface of tail and under-parts black.
  • Brit., from the German, appears preferable both to the unEnglish Kamerun and to the older and clumsy "the Cameroons."