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  • 1753), the Cameronian, who helped to found the Reformed Presbyterian Church.
  • Shortly after the battle of Killiecrankie (1689), the Cameronian regiment, enrolled in the same year (afterwards the 26th Foot), was despatched to hold Dunkeld prior to another invasion of the Highlands.
  • At Dunkeld the newly raised Cameronian regiment successfully repulsed the highlanders, ill led by General Cannon as they were.
  • In the British army the first battalion of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) is directly descended from the "Cameronian guard," which, composed of Cameronians, was embodied by the convention parliament in 1689, and was afterwards employed to restore order in the Highlands.
  • Took place and the formal rebellion of a handful of desperate men against the ruler of three kingdoms. The story of Richard Cameron is one of the highest romantic heroism; his name was perpetuated in that of the Cameronian body (" first-born of the Scottish sects "), which, as the Reformed Presbyterian Church, kept up a separate existence till 1876, when it united with the Free Church, and in that of the Cameronian regiment, originally formed from his followers after his death and distinguished since in every part of the world.

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