Sentence Examples

  • They maintained, however, their cherished covenants with a zeal which persecution only intensified; in 1680 the more extreme members of the party signed a document known as the "Sanquhar Declaration," and were afterwards called Cameronians from the name of their leader, Richard Cameron.
  • Nothing was said about the eternally binding Covenant, which continued to be the fetish of the Cameronians and of later seceders.
  • CAMERONIANS, the name given to that section of the Scottish Covenanters who followed Richard Cameron, and who were chiefly found among those who signed the Sanquhar Declaration in 1680.
  • Societies of Cameronians for the maintenance of the Presbyterian form of worship were formed about 1681; their testimony, "The Informatory Vindication," is dated 1687; and they quickly became the most pronounced and active adherents of the covenanting faith.
  • In 1863 the Cameronians, or Reformed Presbyterians, decided to inflict no penalties upon those members who had taken the oaths, or had exercised civil functions, and consequently a few congregations seceded.

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