Sentence Examples

  • Penrith, otherwise Penreth, Perith, Perath, was founded by the Cambro-Celts, but on a site farther north than the present town.
  • Rees's Lives of the Cambro-British Saints (Llandovery, 1853); Acta sanctorum Hiberniae (Edinburgh, 1888); Whitley Stokes's Lives of Saints from the Book of Lismore (Oxford, 1890); and J.
  • The close of the 12th century saw the final and complete subjection of the ancient Cambro-British Church to the supremacy of Canterbury.
  • Two circumstances attending the production of these Welsh translations should be noted: - (1) That the leaders of this remarkable religious, literary and educational revival within the Principality were chiefly natives of North Wales, where for many years St Asaph was regarded as the chief centre of Cambro-British intellectual life; and (2) that all these important works in the Welsh tongue were published of necessity in London, owing to the absence of an acknowledged capital, or any central city of importance in Wales itself.
  • Narrow-minded religious feelings; the devotion manifested by all classes towards the land of their fathers; the extraordinary vitality of the Cambro-British tongue - these are the main characteristics of modern Wales, and they seem to verify the terms of Taliesin's ancient prophecy concerning the early dwellers of Gwalia: - " Their Lord they shall praise; Their Tongue they shall keep; Their Land they shall lose Except Wild Wales."