Sentence Examples

  • The traditions about Cambyses, preserved by the Greek authors, come from two different sources.
  • Away in the East Cyrus had been succeeded in 529 B.C. by Cambyses, who had annexed Egypt and on whose death in 522 a Magian impostor, Gaumata, had seized the throne.
  • Thus, when Cambyses, the son of Cyrus, made his great expedition against Egypt, with the fleets of Phoenicia and Cyprus and with the camels of the Arabians, it is highly probable that Palestine itself was concerned.
  • In 530, having appointed his son Cambyses king of Babel, he set out for a new expedition against the East.
  • Before Cambyses set out to Egypt, he secretly caused him to be murdered (Darius in the Behistun Inscr.

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