Sentence Examples

  • Thus if it calculates the result of some experiment, it is not the experimentalist's well-attested results which are on their trial, but the basis of the calculation.
  • Mohn has shown how the inequalities of what he terms the densitysurface can be found from the salinity and temperature; and he calculates that the level of the Skagerrak should be about 2 ft.
  • Sir John Murray calculates that at least 80% of the water in the ocean has a temperature always less than 40 F., and a recent calculation by Kriimmel gave in fact a mean temperature of 39° F.
  • Peppe calculates its weight, lid included, at 1537 Ib.
  • Kriimmel calculates that the mean temperature of the whole ocean surface is 63.3° F., while the mean sea-level temperature of the whole layer of air at the surface of the earth is given by Hann as 57.8 ° F.