Sentence Examples

  • EDWARD GIBBON (1737-1794), English historian, was descended, he tells us in his autobiography, from a Kentish family of considerable antiquity; among his remoter ancestors he reckons the lord high treasurer Fiennes, Lord Say and Sele, whom Shakespeare has immortalized in his Henry VI.
  • 14, 16 (the numbers are not inclusive), and reckons three deportations in the 7th (?
  • 41) reckons the yearly import of these wares into Rome at not less than three-quarters of a million of English money.
  • Reckons Bohemund's knights as 7000 in number (ibid.
  • Kjellmann, Vega Expeditionens Vetenskapliga Iakttagelser (Stockholm, 1872-1887) reckons their number at 182; 124 species were found by Middendorff on the Taymyr peninsula, 219 along the borders of the forest region of Olenek, and 344 species within the forest region of the same; 470 species were collected by Maack in the Vilui region.