Sentence Examples

  • And of course the Nazis were ardent book burners themselves.
  • They usually take the form of cast iron open stoves fitted with a number of Bunsen burners which heat perforated lumps of asbestos.
  • A water pipe of copper or wrought iron is passed through a cylinder in which gas or oil heating burners are placed.
  • The destruction of trees by charcoal-burners has resulted in the almost complete deforestation of the island.
  • If the ore is in pieces of the size of a walnut Or upwards, it is roasted in plain" kilns "or" burners,"provided with a grating of suitable construction for the removal of the cinders, with a side door in the upper part for charging in the fresh ore on the top of the partially burned ore, and with an arch-shaped roof, from which the burnergas is carried away in a flue common to a whole set of kilns.