Sentence Examples

  • The convenient clear glass lid allows you to peek into the vessel without having to interrupt the cooking process, since you extend your cooking time by up to an hour for every time you remove the lid of a slow cooker.
  • To find the instruction manual for your particular rice cooker unit, simply visit the rice cooker manual page on website and glance through the list until you find the model number for your unit.
  • It may take a little more monitoring to ensure that the bottom of the rice doesn't burn, but anybody can produce perfectly cooked rice with tahdig with a standard non-stick rice cooker and enough practice.
  • The Oster 4715 10-cup rice cooker is an example of a rice cooker that's not labeled as being Persian, but it produces rice with the nicely crisped bottom that people expect from a Persian rice cooker.
  • Online sources for this replacement part include PartsTown, MarBeck and searching for a replacement crock, be sure to match the replacement to your current slow cooker model.