Sentence Examples

  • Of Hohenzollern, burgrave of Nuremberg.
  • And was occupied by an imperial burgrave for some fifty years, after which it was retaken by the counts of Flanders.
  • Of Hohenzollern, burgrave of Nuremberg, and in 1391 did the same for the Teutonic Order against Ladislaus V., king of Poland and prince of Lithuania.
  • JAN DLUGOSZ [JOHANNES LONGINUS] (1415-1480), Polish statesman and historian, was the son of Jan Dlugosz, burgrave of Bozeznica.
  • (c. 1371-1440), elector of Brandenburg, founder of the greatness of the House of Hohenzollern, was a son of Frederick V., burgrave of Nuremberg, and first came into prominence by saving the life of Sigismund, king of Hungary, at the battle of Nicopolis in 1396.

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