Sentence Examples

  • Canvas or bunting screens are most effectual.
  • When the bunting at the end of the stray line passes his hand, he calls to his assistant to turn the glass, and allows the line to pay out freely.
  • The hermit thrush, veery, song sparrow, red-eyed vireo, bunting, warbler and wren are among the song birds of the forests.
  • It is the home of the southern fox-squirrel, Cotton rat, ricefield rat, wood rat, free-tailed bat, mocking bird, painted bunting, prothonotary warbler, red-cockaded woodpecker, chuckwills-widow, and the swallow-tailed and Mississippi kites.
  • The point where it joins the other part is marked by a piece of bunting, and the line from this point towards its other end is marked at known intervals with "knots," which consist of pieces of cord worked in between its strands.