Sentence Examples

  • As the theological doctrine of the Logos which bulks so largely in the writings of the apologists of the 2nd century came to the front, the trinitarian problem became acute.
  • But the fact that the calamity which bulks so largely is natural and not political is characteristic of the postexile period.
  • The identity and personality of this "Friend of God," who bulks so largely in the great collection of mystical literature, and is everywhere treated as a half supernatural character, is one of the most difficult problems -in the history of mysticism.
  • Of water at this temperature weighs 62.35 lb, and therefore I lb of water bulks 1728+62-35=27.73 cub.
  • On the doctrine of good works our author's views are allied to Old Testament conceptions rather than to the rabbinic doctrine of man's righteousness, which bulks so largely in Jewish literature from A.D.

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