Sentence Examples

  • While it may seem like much more of a bargain for you and your buddies to get together on a sunny Saturday afternoon to install your new car alarm, you are probably better off leaving it to the professionals.
  • Obviously, all the favorite styles from Harley Davidson boots are meant for living life on the edge, enjoying yourself on your motorcycle, traveling alone or with your significant other or your buddies.
  • If you simply get cards for your buddies, or make something to eat, or buy something (small) or just give a hug, there's no need to keep up with the Jones and outspend people just to "look good."
  • The Family Choices commercial shows a family wandering around, choosing their favorite people to add: golf buddies, cousins, best friends, and a beautiful woman whom a teen boy would love to add but unfortunately, she's unlisted.
  • Social networking sites make it easier to ask for advice, find buddies in a new town, or even to maintain the motivation to kick the final five pounds that you need to lose to reach your goal weight.