Sentence Examples

  • Your brother-in-law may clue you in to the fact that your sister would really love a spa day.
  • The daytime wedding of two lesbians generated a lot of controversy, but for Bianca, her fairy tale wedding quickly led to anguish as she learned of Reese's infidelity with brother-in-law Zach Slater.
  • Whether you give your mother a jewelry box featuring her first name or present your brother-in-law with a monogrammed money clip, a personalized Christmas gift is guaranteed to be a hit.
  • After a motorcycle accident left her in a coma for months, Greenlee awoke under the care of former brother-in-law David Hayward.
  • The stunning news was followed by the arrest of her brother-in-law, William Balfour, who has been charged with the murders.