Sentence Examples

  • In 1602 Garnet received briefs from Pope Clement VIII.
  • It was pointless to buy a bikini and wear it only once, so Carmen bought a black push-up bra and some skimpy black briefs trimmed with black ribbon.
  • The brief is written on thin parchment, and dated by the ordinary era and the day of the month; they were formerly signed only by the cardinal secretary of briefs or his substitute, but now by the cardinal secretary of state or the head of the office, called the chancellor of Briefs (cancellarius Brevium) .
  • Even in the case of the sovereign pontiff the word pope is officially only used as a less solemn style: though the ordinary signature and heading of briefs is, e.g.
  • They have been used by James Schouler in his Historical Briefs (New York, 1896), and by E.