Sentence Examples

  • After her death he had various mistresses, including a niece of the Indian chief Hendrick, and Molly Brant, a sister of the famous, chief Joseph Brant.
  • Among other game birds are prairie-chickens, ducks, geese, swan, brant, sandhill crane and snipe.
  • Swan, geese and brant winter on the coast.
  • The cities of Strassburg, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Basel, became centres of learned coteries, which gathered round scholars like Wimpheling, Brant, Peutinger, Schedel, and Pirckheimer, artists like Darer and Holbein, printers of the eminence of Froben.
  • Warburton now received from Sir Robert Sutton the small living of Greasley, in Nottinghamshire, exchanged next year for that of Brant Broughton, Lincolnshire.