Sentence Examples

  • Pilates Style does, however, include informative articles from respected Pilates educators such as Romana Kryzanowska, who studied with Joseph Pilates and Brent Anderson, PhD, president of Polestar Pilates.
  • Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson): She always thought she was the biological daughter of John Abbott, but instead she's the daughter of Brent Davis who had an affair with her mother.
  • TT: I was surprised when Brent attacked my leadership, because, unlike other project managers, I did make an effort to listen to his ideas and treat him with respect.
  • Graduating two years after his 2000 win from the Art Institute of Colorado, Brent went on to become executive chef at the 4th Street Steakhouse in Loveland, Colorado.
  • Brent: What we're doing is a little different, since it's "farming by choice." Starting a business during the worst recession in history is risky.