Sentence Examples

  • He didn't see his path or notice the brambles snagging his clothing.
  • Katie was close.  Toby could sense her.  He ignored the branches whipping his face and the brambles tripping him.  Instead, he just ran, the screams of demons in his ears.  
  • It is a matter of familiar observation that the ends of the shoots of brambles take root when bent down to the ground.
  • Katie started in the direction of the woman's voice.  She stumbled over fallen, slick wood and brambles she couldn't see.  Whatever magic that had cleared a path for her was gone.  She struggled through the jungle before calling out, "Can you hear me?  I can't see much.  You'll have to say something, so I can find you."
  • The occurrence of hybrids in nature explains the difficulty experienced by botanists in deciding on what is a species, and the widely different limitations of the term adopted by different observers in the case of willows, roses, brambles, &c. The artificial process is practically the same in hybridization as in cross-fertilization, but usually requires more care.