Sentence Examples

  • Also, animals that receive hormones, such as rBHT, a popular bovine growth hormone, may be treated with greater doses of antibiotics that can be carried over into the meat.
  • Methane is released into the atmosphere from bovine flatulence, rice paddies, and bacteria in bogs.
  • Timberwolf has taken extreme measures to ensure your pet is not in danger of contracting Mad Cow Disease by eliminating the risk of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy), better known as Mad Cow Disease, contamination.
  • In another mini-game, you spin Bessie, a cow, above your head by literally twirling the Wii Remote, launching the bovine wonder as far as you can by letting go (pressing A or B on the Wii-mote).
  • In addition to the goat leathers, exotic leathers, and bovine leathers that are available, Hermes has introduced two new leathers called Swift and Rodeo for this season.