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  • Mus., 1893-1896) accepted Cope's principles, and mainly by .combining the Asinea of Stannius and Cope with the Proteroglypha as Colubridae - wherein he was followed by Cope, as mentioned above - and separating therefrom the Peropoda or Boidae, he has produced a logically-conceived system, by far the best hitherto proposed.
  • Ilysiidae Xenopeltidae Colubridae Aglypha Typhlopidae Boidae Glauconiidae 'This means that the Boidae retain most primitive characters.
  • The solitary Xenopeltis is in several ways intermediate between Boidae and Ilysiidae.
  • The Boidae comprise some 60 species, which have been grouped into many fancy genera.
  • Boulenger rightly considers this snake in various ways intermediate between the Ilysiidae, Boidae and Colubridae.

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