Sentence Examples

  • In law, the word is the equivalent of mailles blanches, for rent paid in silver ("white") money.
  • 33).1 While the earlier classical physiognomy was chiefly descriptive, the later medieval authors particularly developed the predictive and astrological side, their treatises often digressing into chiromancy, onychomancy, clidomancy, podoscopy, spasmatomancy, and other blanches of prophetic folk-lore and magic.
  • 11,398 Col des Maisons Blanches (Bourg St Pierre to the Val de Bagnes), snow.
  • 12,579 Col de Chermontane (Val de Bagnes to Arolla), snow 12, 543 Cimes Blanches (Val Tournanche to Ayas), bridle path 12,540 Col de Torrent (Evolena to the Val de Torrent), bridle path 12,527 Augstbord Pass (St Niklaus to Turtmann), bridle path.