Sentence Examples

  • A relative newcomer, Shelbie Bruce was thrilled to earn a starring role in Spanglish, a bittersweet drama that explores the culture clash between the rich and the poor, as well as between a Mexican housekeeper and her American employers.
  • In this same period, he also charted with two duets - Baby Boy, with Beyonce, which was featured on Dutty Rock and went to number 1 in charts, and Breathe, with Blu Cantrell, from her album Bittersweet.
  • Items such as bittersweet chocolate, guacamole, strained carrots, spaghetti sauce, marshmallow fluff, ground up saltines, and the like work well for the harmless "ew" factor.
  • A home with bittersweet memories - a home she could no longer have?
  • The parasite, which has a somewhat restricted range of host plants, chiefly invades the potato, Solanum tuberosum; the bittersweet, S.