Sentence Examples

  • To the east and north-east of the Bitterroot Mountains is a considerable basin or peneplain dissected by short ranges having a northwest and south-west trend.
  • From where the main range turns east from the Idaho boundary line the crest of the Bitterroot Mountains continues on that line with a downward slope to within one degree of latitude from the Canadian border.
  • On its slope, which rises abruptly from the Bitterroot Basin, glaciers have cut canyons between high and often precipitous walls, and between these canyons are steep and rocky ridges having peaked or saw-toothed crest lines.
  • In the Bitterroot Valley is a large deposit of Quaternary.
  • Among the larger privately irrigated tracts are: 16,000 to 18,000 acres in Yellowstone county, fed by a canal built by the Billings Land & Irrigation Company; about 35,000 acres of orchard land in the Bitterroot Valley, in Ravalli county, irrigated by canals from Lake Como, a natural reservoir; and 100,000 acres in Missoula county, to be watered from a 28 ft.