Sentence Examples

  • That's why they visit birthplaces, places of monumental happenings like battlefields or sites of great tragedies— to absorb a tiny bit of what happened there.
  • The birthplaces of these persons are still known, and to this day there are sequestered villages, nestling near the western base of the Ghats, which are pointed to as being the ancestral homes of men who two centuries ago had political control over half India.
  • The madrassehs or buildings around the mosque, originally intended as lodgings for students and professors, have long been let out to rich pilgrims. The minor places of visitation for pilgrims, such as the birthplaces of the prophet and his chief followers, are not notable.'
  • She is said to have been born a day before him (on the 6th of the month) and tradition assigns them different birthplaces - Delos to Apollo, Ortygia to Artemis.
  • The birthplaces of John Adams, built in 1681, and of John Quincy Adams, built in 1716, are still standing.

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