Sentence Examples

  • Bird's-Eye Bulls-Eye: Fly from platform to platform by flapping your arms and shifting your weight.
  • A curious bird's-eye view of Canterbury Cathedral and its annexed conventual buildings, taken about 1165, is preserved in the Great Psalter in the library of Trinity College, Cam bridge.
  • From a similar sense comes the phrase "bird's-eye maple," a speckled variety of maple-wood, or the "bird's-eye handkerchief" mentioned in Thackeray's novels.
  • Of these, ebonies, mahogany (for the bird's-eye variety such enormous prices are paid as $1200 to $1800 per thousand board-feet), culla (or cuya, Bumelia retusa), cocullo (cocuyo, Bumelia nigra), ocuje (Callophyllum viticifolia, Ornitrophis occidentalis, 0.
  • When uniformly damped, the leaves are separately opened out and smoothed, the midrib, if not already removed, is torn out, except when " bird'seye " cut is to be made, in which mixture the midrib gives the peculiar " bird's-eye " appearance.