Sentence Examples

  • 29-46; Alphonse le Roy in Biographic nationale de Belgique, vii.
  • For the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographic. Ranke married, at Windermere, in 1843, Miss Clara Graves, daughter of an Irish barrister.
  • Dove (Leipzig, 1890); and the article by Dove in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographic. Also Winckler, Leopold von Ranke.
  • Dummler in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographic, Band xv.; Th.
  • Tissot, Memoires historiques et militaires sur Carnot (Paris, 1824); Arago, Biographic de Carnot (Paris, 1850); Hippolyte Carnot, Memoires sur Carnot (Paris, 1863); C. Remond, Notice biographique sur le grand Carnot (Dijon 1880); A.