Sentence Examples

  • It was from the precarium, or ecclesiastical benefice, that the feudal fief originated.
  • He is entitled to consecrate all the bishops within his province and was formerly entitled, upon consecrating a bishop, to select a benefice within his diocese at his option for one of his chaplains, but this practice was indirectly abolished by 3 and 4 Vict.
  • Questions in regard to the property in a benefice were for the courts Christian; in regard to its possession, for the king's courts.
  • He resigned his benefice in 1773 and betook himself to the study of the law and philology.
  • He was commended to the hospitality of Anne Boleyn's father, the earl of Wiltshire, in whose house at Durham Place he resided for some time; the king appointed him archdeacon of Taunton and one of his chaplains; and he also held a parochial benefice, the name of which is unknown.