Sentence Examples

  • "The intuitive soul," says Hegel, "oversteps the conditions of time and space; it beholds things remote, things long past, and things to come."' What we need, if any progress is to be made in knowledge of the subject, is not a metaphysical hypothesis, but a large, carefully tested, and well-recorded collection of examples, made by savants of recognized standing.
  • Already the seer beholds the destined number of the martyrs complete, vi.
  • The Son beholds the Father at work, and works concurrently, doing nothing of Himself.
  • Then he beholds the Almighty on His throne surrounded by the four and twenty elders and the four living creatures.
  • After their departure, Mary sees two angels where His body had lain and turning away beholds Jesus standing, yet recognizes Him only when He addresses her.

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