Sentence Examples

  • Each plate of the upper circlet supports an arm, and is called a "radial"; the plates of the lower circlet, the "basals," rest on the stem and alternate with those of the upper circlet, i.e.
  • Some of the thecal plates, infrabasals I B, basals B, and orals 0 are forming around the bodycavities r.pc and l.pc; p is the water-pore.
  • At last a quinqueradiate symmetry influenced the plates of the theca, partly through the development of a plate at the end of each groove (terminal), partly through plates at the aboral pole of the theca (basals and infrabasals) arising in response to mechanical pressure, but soon intimately connected with the cords of an aboral nervous system.
  • These last structures formed a nervous sheath around the axial sinus with its bloodvessels, and became divided into five lobes correlated with the five basals (the "chambered organ") and forming the aboral nerve-centre.
  • The thecal plates, however irregular in some species, always show defined basals and a distinct plate ("radial") at the end of each ambulacrum; they are in all cases so far affected by pentamerous symmetry that their sutures never cross the ambulacra.

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