Sentence Examples

  • The election judges appoint a number of barristers, not exceeding five, as commissioners to try such petitions.
  • The existing procedure was simplified and accelerated; the working of the courts was greatly improved by a carefully organized system of inspection and control; the incompetent judges were eliminated and replaced by men of better education and higher moral character; and for the future supply of wellqualified judges, barristers, and law officials, an excellent school of law was established.
  • They preferred an unwritten law, as Prutz suggests, partly because it suited the barristers (who often belonged to the baronage, for the Frankish nobles were "great pleaders in court and out of court"), and partly because the high court was left unbound so long as there was no written code.
  • In an act of 1859 the practice was thrown open to barristers and to attorneys and solicitors.
  • In England red vestments are worn at the mass (of the Holy Spirit) attended by the Roman Catholic judges and barristers at the opening of term, the so-called "Red Mass."