Sentence Examples

  • First off, if you're a balding guy getting up there in the years, slugging big fistfuls vitamin capsules isn't going to transform you into a member of some 80s hair band.
  • If you are balding or experiencing premature hair loss, growth shampoos can be an invaluable option to help maintain your volume and fullness or to stimulate new growth.
  • The following list of the most common causes for feline hair loss includes a bit of information about various ailments and the signs they present in addition to balding.
  • When asked about the bandana in the hospital, Bret did not admit that it had anything to do with balding, but instead made the claim that he wanted to make sure that if he was going to die, he wanted to "go out rockin'."
  • The most popular type of hair transplant involves taking thin strips of hair from areas of the scalp that aren't balding, diving the strips into smaller pieces, and then placing that hair in thinning or bald spots.