Sentence Examples

  • Baker, the writings of Livingstone, and the biographies of Gordon may be consulted, besides the many documents on these subjects published by the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society.
  • The khedive Ismail in 1869 appointed Sir Samuel Baker to the command of a large force with which he was " to strike a direct blow at the slave trade in its distant nest."
  • Continent (1878) and In Darkest Africa (1890); Sir Richard Burton, Lake Regions of Central Africa (1860); Sir Samuel Baker, Albert Nyanza (1866); Emin Pasha, Journals (1886 edition); C. Chaille Long, Central Africa.
  • Baker and Smith of the Sydney Technical College, have brought to light many other valuable products likely to prove of commercial value.
  • Under the leadership of Ethan Allen, Seth Warner and Remember Baker (1737-1775), they refused obedience and took up arms in defence of their rights.