Sentence Examples

  • Although most major cities now have at least one "gourmet" market that sells high-end, hard to find edibles, Balducci's was the first New York City company to have a greengrocer, fishmonger, butcher and delicatessen all under the same roof.
  • A fishmonger is a trained specialist who knows the different types of fish, characteristics, how to prepare and what to look for when buying.
  • Again, ask your fishmonger for tips about selecting the best.
  • By establishing yourself as a loyal customer, the fishmonger will be more likely to steer you to the best deals, the freshest seafood, and information that he might not otherwise be willing to divulge.
  • So that if, for example, a fishmonger uses such a machine to ascertain the weight of a piece of fish which he places in the goods - pan, and thereby depresses it down upon its stop, and then places weights in the weights-pan till the goods-pan rises, the customer is charged for more than the real weight of the fish.