Sentence Examples

  • The Bahamas are without railways, but there are good roads.
  • BAHAMAS (Lucayos), an archipelago of the British West Indies.
  • The story of the Bahamas is a singular one, and bears principally upon the fortunes of New Providence, which, from the fact that it alone possesses a perfectly safe harbour for vessels drawing more than 9 ft., has always been the seat of: government when it was not the headquarters of lawlessness.
  • Would you rather go somewhere else on our honeymoon – Bahamas, Jamaica?
  • The western trough extends northwards into Davis Strait, forming a depression in the Telegraph plateau; to the south of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia are Sigsbee Deep, Libbey Deep and Suhm Deep, each of small area; north-east of the Bahamas Nares Deep forms the largest and deepest depression in the Atlantic, in which a sounding of 4561 fathoms was obtained (70 m.

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