Sentence Examples

  • Long, the grains thinner and longer than in the two-rowed race, and the awns stiff and firmly adhering to the flowering glume.
  • In both the fruits fall out freely from the glume, and in the latter the awns are three-pronged and shorter than the grain.
  • Protected by awns, are round, hard, smooth, shining, brownish-red, and somewhat larger than mustard seeds.
  • The pili grass (Heteropogon contortus) is also noxious, for its awns get badly entangled in the wool of sheep. The native manienie (Stenotaphrum americanum) and kukai (Panicum pruriens), however, are relished by stock and are found on all the inhabited islands; the Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon), a June grass (Poa annua), and Guinea grass (Panicum jumentorum) have also been successfully introduced.
  • Pennata (Feather Grass), i 2 ft., is a very gracefulhabited grass, with stiff slender erect leaves, and long feathery awns to the seeds.