Sentence Examples

  • It was the duty of the augur, before the auspices properly so called (those from the sky and from birds) were taken, to mark out with his staff the templum or consecrated space within which his observations were intended to be made.
  • ATTUS NAVIUS, in Roman legendary history, a famous augur during the reign of Tarquinius Priscus.
  • At midnight, when the sky was clear and there was an absence of wind, the augur, in the presence of a magistrate, took up his position on a hill which afforded a wide view.
  • As the augur looked south he had the east, the lucky quarter, on his left, and therefore signs on the left side were considered favourable, those on the right unfavourable.
  • The augur afterwards announced the result of his observations in a set form of words, by which the magistrate was bound.