Sentence Examples

  • In 2007 the Australian Sports Commission issued a report on the "sexploitation" of athletics, stating that the volleyball uniforms were not chosen "...for any technological, practical or performance-enhancing reasons."
  • It wasn't until 1963 that the Kansas City Athletics changed both their traveling and home uniforms to gold and green, and from there on teams began to use their signature colors in many varieties.
  • It should be noted that the sneakers, although launched under the branch of Run Athletics, are really more like athletically inspired casual shoes, rather than shoes you want to wear for running or any high-impact aerobic activity.
  • Many people across the country remember seeing the quake occur in real time, due to the fact that a World Series game involving the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants was being televised live at nearby Candlestick Park.
  • In the report they warn that continuing to have women wear skimpy athletic uniforms can have a detrimental effect on encouraging younger women to participate in athletics due to body image issues.