Sentence Examples

  • Other than cataclysm, asymmetrical attack, or government gone wild, we have little to worry about.
  • Asymmetrical, inequivalve, fixed, with extensive pallial sutures; no siphons.
  • In many owls the right and left ears are asymmetrical, and this asymmetry affects the whole of the temporal region, all the bones which surround the outer and middle ear, notably the squamosal and the quadrate, so that the skull becomes lopsided, one ear being turned obliquely down, the other upwards.
  • A curious and interesting modification of the indirect method, known as " asymmetrical division," occurs frequently in epitheliomata, sarcomata, &c. (Hansemann).
  • If the nitrogen atom in the quaternary ammonium salts be in combination with four different groups, then the molecule is asymmetrical, and the salt can be resolved into optically active enantiamorphous isomerides.