Asymmetric Definition

Having no balance or symmetry.
An asymmetric design.
American Heritage
Uneven in distribution.
American Heritage
Existing or occurring between two incommensurate entities, especially to the detriment of one.
American Heritage
Characterized by an imbalance in power between two opponents in an armed conflict, especially one in which a weaker force uses unconventional means, such as guerilla or terrorist tactics.
Asymmetric warfare.
American Heritage
Of or relating to a carbon atom having four different atoms or structural groups attached to it, resulting in an unbalanced spatial arrangement of atoms in a molecule, so that the molecule cannot be superimposed on its mirror image; chiral.
American Heritage Medicine

Lack of symmetry, i.e. lack of balance or proportion. 1. In telecommunications, a link that supports more bandwidth in one direction than another. Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), for example, supports more bandwidth downstream than upstream. Bluetooth supports an asynchronous data channel that can operate in asymmetric mode at up to 721 kbps in either direction and 57.6 kbps in the reverse direction.Alternatively, the Bluetooth data channel can operate in symmetric mode at speeds of up to 432.6 kbps. See also ADSL, asynchronous, bandwidth, Bluetooth, channel, downstream, symmetric, and upstream. 2. In compression, a process that is not equally time-consuming and processor-intensive in terms of compression and decompression. See also compression.

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Origin of Asymmetric

  • A- + symmetric, as Ancient Greek ἀσυμμετρία (asymmetria), "disproportion", "deformity".

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