Sentence Examples

  • Infant asylums (where the first rudiments of instruction are imparted to children between two and a half and six years of age) and elementary schools have increased in number.
  • Thus: Infant Asylums Daily Elementary Schools (Public and Private).
  • Number of Number of Number of Number of Asylums. Scholars.
  • Between 1881 and 1898 the chief increases took place in the endowments of hospitals; orphan asylums; infant asylums; poorhouses; almshouses; voluntary workhouses; and institutes for the blind.
  • The least creditably administered of these are the asylums for abandoned infants; in I887, of a total of 23,913, 53.77% died; while during the years 1893-1896 (no later statistics are available) of 117,970 51.72% died.