Sentence Examples

  • Her voice has an aspirate quality; there seems always to be too much breath for the amount of tone.
  • The coincidence of this name, beginning with an aspirate, led H.
  • The mediae have become aspirate tenues with a low intonation, which also marks the words having a simple initial consonant; while the former aspirates and the complex initials simplified in speech are uttered with a high tone, or, as the Tibetans say, " with a woman's voice," shrill and rapidly.
  • The symbol 9 or H was then employed for the long open e-sound, a use suggested by the name of the letter, which, by the loss of the aspirate, had passed from Heta to Eta.
  • II is now nothing more than a graphic sign, except in Andalusia, where the aspirate sound represented by it comes very near j.