Sentence Examples

  • The priests were the Arval Brothers, who conducted the victims - ox, sheep and pig (suovetaurilia) - in procession with prayer to Ceres round the boundaries of the ager Romanus.
  • 2223) of this locality with the grove of the Arval brothers at the 5th mile of the Via Portuensis, to the W.
  • ARVAL BROTHERS (Fratres Arvales), in Roman antiquities, a college or priesthood, consisting of twelve members, elected for life from the highest ranks in Rome, and always apparently, during the empire, including the emperor.
  • He was specially admitted as an extraordinary member of the great priestly colleges; his name was included by the Arval Brethren in their prayers for the safety of the emperor and his house; at the games in the circus his appearance in triumphal dress contrasted significantly with the simple toga praetexta worn by Britannicus.
  • We may mention, as distinct from the above, the flamen curialis, who assisted the curio, the priest who attended to the religious affairs of each curia; the flamens of various sacerdotal corporations, such as the Arval Brothers; the flamen Augustalis, who superintended the worship of the emperor in the provinces.

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