Sentence Examples

  • Sees traditionally founded by Apostles, or of sees with a special secular position.
  • They taught the Apostles' Creed, rejected Purgatory, the worship of saints and the authority of the Catholic Church, practised infant baptism and confirmation, held a view on the Sacrament similar to that of Zwingli, and, differing somewhat from Luther in their doctrine of justification by faith, declared that true faith was "to know God, to love Him, to do His commandments, and to submit to His will."
  • II, instead of Paul's usual term "Satan"); "his holy apostles and prophets" (iii.
  • The abbey church of St Pierre, dating chiefly from the 1 3 th century, contains, besides some fine stained glass, twelve representations of the apostles in enamel, executed about 1 547 by Leonard Limosin.
  • (b) Acts And Teachings Of The Apostles.-Aces of Andrew.