Sentence Examples

  • The re-erection of a wayside cross in Annemasse, at the gates of Geneva, amid an enormous concourse of converts, an event which closed the three years of his apostolate, led to the composition of the Defense ...
  • The important T Lents of 1617 and 1618 at Grenoble were a prelude to a still more important apostolate in Paris, "the theatre of the world," as St Vincent de Paul calls it.
  • Later on the same day, the doors being shut, Jesus appears amongst His disciples, shows them His (pierced) hands and side, and solemnly commissions and endows them for the apostolate by the words, " As the Father bath sent Me, so I send you," and by breathing upon them saying " Receive the Holy Spirit: whose sins ye remit, they are remitted to them; whose sins ye retain, they are retained."
  • Once Paul's apostolate - a personal one, parallel with the more collective apostolate of " the Twelve " - has proved itself by tokens of Divine approval, Peter and his colleagues frankly recognize the distinction of the two missions, and are anxious only to arrange that the two shall not fall apart by religiously and morally incompatible usages (Acts xv.).
  • To this he conformed his own conduct as a Jew, so far as his Gentile apostolate was not involved (i Cor.