Sentence Examples

  • They are also the direct antitheses to the scepticism of Montaigne and Pascal, to the materialism of Gassendi and Hobbes, and to the superstitious anthropomorphism which defaced the reawakening sciences of nature.
  • Van Vloten as Le Livre des beautes et des antitheses (Leiden, 1898); the Kitab ul -hala.
  • It abounds not only in antitheses, but also in questions and exclamations, tropes and metaphors, and other mannerisms of the silver age.
  • C. Baur and the Tubingen school, with its theory of sharp antitheses between Judaic and Gentile Christianity, of which they took the original apostles and Paul respectively as typical.
  • "The conflict," he wrote, "such as it is, is one of opinion and tendencies, not of persons; it is the result of mental and moral necessities created by the antitheses with which the Church is wrestling in this period of transition."