Sentence Examples

  • Doomsday Book, 69; Winckler, Alt.-or.
  • Ritschl's Entstehung der alt-hatholischen Kirche, and edition, 1857, was an especially telling reply.) The synoptic gospels are now treated with considerable respect.
  • Holder, Alt-celtischer Sprachschatz; and bibliography in La grande encyclopedie (s.v.).
  • The dissident " Catholic " churches are forced to qualify their titles: they are " Old Catholics " (Alt-Katholiken) or " German Catholics " (Deutsch-Katholiken).
  • See Reinhard, Die Stadt Meissen, ihre Merkwiirdigkeiten (Meissen, 1829); Loose, Alt-Meissen in Bildern (Meissen, 1889); Jaschke, Meissen and seine Kirchen (Leipzig, 1902); and Gersdorf, Urkundenbuch der Stadt Meissen (Leipzig, 1873).