Sentence Examples

  • The Montel Williams Juicer, otherwise known as the HealthMaster fruit and vegetable emulsifier, is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that is designed to replace many of the other larger, more cumbersome appliances in the kitchen.
  • No matter how you define vintage and what decade you are most interested in; whether you are looking for boxers, briefs or all-in-one men's nylon vintage underwear, you can find it with the help of the Internet, of course.
  • Our systems are a unique all-in-one unit that is the size of a standard hot water tank and is easily installed by the plumbing contractor when installing the rest of the plumbing rough-in for the house.
  • Most all-in-one printers out there can make decent reproductions of the original without compromising color quality, which will make matching the colors of the picture to the color of the frame easier.
  • Websites on the internet are exploding with custom stamp stores, print your own stamp services, even all-in-one mail stations that give you most of the postage features you'll find at the post office.