Sentence Examples

  • You can even personalize the labels by "naming" the candle or lotion after the recipient, and putting their picture on it using a scanner, computer, and print program.
  • Cashiers who are hired for workplaces where they use a station outfitted with a belt, scanner and chute for purchases tend to have fewer physical health complaints in the workplace.
  • A technologist operates the MRI scanner from an adjacent control room that contains a computer system and an intercom system for communicating with the patient during the scan.
  • It needs to be big enough to handle all of the equipment (computer, printer, scanner, etc.) as well as accessories like a lamp, a place to hold writing materials and so on.
  • Hospitals that do not have their own MRI systems may schedule MRI scans by contracting with a company that brings an MRI scanner in a specially designed mobile trailer.